Monday, May 9, 2011

Island Park 2011

This year for our Tanner Family Island Park/winter trip we crammed all 9 adults and 8 kids in one cabin and had a lot of fun, did a lot of skiing, sledding, cave making, and EATING!

A typical lunch line up!

Rex in his new toy that took a long time to blow up and a short time to pop, Liz pulling a sleepy little Jack!

Nate and I took our kids out, plus Cole, skiing/sledding through the falling snow in the woods behind the cabin. It was a little cold but very pretty!

We encountered some familiar faces along the trail. Paul and JoAnn heading in while we were heading out.

Baylee was a good sport, we got carried away and went a little farther than planned. She cried a little at the end of our excursion then fell asleep, what a cutie!

The kids and I were pooped when we got back, but Nate went out sledding and got a TON of great shots. I had to post all the sequence of people crashing down the hill!

Here's Cole:

He got a little turned around, but did ok!

Here's Rex:

The facial expressions are the best!
Then D.J.:

Maybe the face full of powder shots are the best!?

Liz and Rex together:

Now my favorite shots, Tanner's face at the end is priceless!:

Cute lash-cycles!!

Although our car got a cracked windshield and a broken belt that we barely made it home on, it didn't get rammed by a moose like David and Acacia's last year, so it could have been worse. We made it home with only 2 pukies, Nate and D.J., one planned car repair, but a lot of fun memories!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Cody!

First Nate took Cody on the Tanner Family annual New Years Day x-country ski trip by North Fork:

Here's a good wipe-out shot of Uncle D.J. trying to ski down a steep hill.

Then on the seventh Cody turned 6! I made him a paleontologist cake, complete with dinosaur bones (pretzel pieces dipped in white chocolate) buried in the mud/dirt, (cake/pudding) and a clay figurine of him digging them out, in front of a volcano spelling out his name in red cool whip lava, he loved it!

One more milestone, Baylee's first pigtails:

SOOO cute, and so hard to get out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dizzying December

We finally had Baylee's baby blessing on December 5th. It was really neat to have so much family there to support us! Also to help with a yummy brunch afterward!

Cody lost his first tooth, he was SO excited that he didn't want to put it down, I warned him that he was going to drop it and lose it, a few hours later it was gone.

Luckily four days later he lost his second tooth which he immediately put in 2 Ziploc bags!
He also wrote a cute note to the tooth fairy explaining how he lost his other tooth, so she would bring him money for both, such a funny kid!

We had the annual Great Grandma Tanner Christmas Eve party complete with the Nativity reenactment. Neil played the role of a wise man, adding such class to the part...

On Christmas we pulled out the Jumperoo for Baylee for the first time, it kind of swallowed her.

The Watt house Christmas day, also the year of the Pillow Pets:

We got a whole Cowboy kit from Jonathan and Merry, it was awesome! As soon as Neil suited up he was in action and hard to snap a picture of, this is the best one:

Here's some really cute pictures Nate took of Baylee this month, he posted one a while back, but I thought I'd put a few more:

He got some really cute shots, and some not so cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fall, Fishing and Family Festivities!

Nate took Cody fishing/sailing with his dad and brother down to Lake Powell:

Beautiful views.

Cutest little fisherman!

Paul in his element.

I turned 29 and Nate went all out with an amazing dinner of stuffed mushrooms, crab, yummy salad and bread, fondue, and a birthday pumpkin cheesecake! Topped off with the best birthday present treasure hunt for birthday cash, perfect birthday, thanks Nate!

My family all went out of state and Nate's family came in state, so we had Thanksgiving dinner at his parents house with his sister Sarah's family.

Taking care of the kids table first

The next day we had a big family party with the whole Tanner clan. We did family pictures, Chris and Brittany blessed their little girl Addyson, we exchanged birthday gifts for Paul and some early Christmas presents, WHEW!

Cute little family!

These pictures were not the easiest to take, it was funner watching all the parents in the background!

All the cousins born in 1 year and 1 month: In birth order, not pictured order: Evia, Jack, Brianna, Baylee and Addyson. The 3 youngest little girl-cousins, all born in one month, thanks Aunt Liz for the cute hats!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love October

It's sad to see summer go, but I love the bright fall leaves! We tried to do some family photos up Farmington canyon's beautiful backdrop. The One that kind of turned out is on the right side of the page as our family photo, but here are some of my favorites:

Candid and more realistic depictions of our boys and us!

The red leaves were really that bright, it was really pretty!

We went with some of the cousins, Aunts and Grandma Watt on a hayride/pumpkin picking excursion at J&J's. So much fun!

Nate took the boys fishing frequently.

HALLOWEEN! I love this holiday, Nate does not. So I made the boys costumes solo, dressing them up according to one of their new favorite shows as well something suitable to their personalities! Thing One and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat:

Can you see my awesome pumpkin behind Cody/Thing 1?!

I made Baylee this cute Halloween bow/headband to go with this shirt I got at Target. We stayed out of the rain and passed out the candy while Nate took the boys trick-or-treating. They came back soggy but satisfied with their candy conquest. Their fun wigs had shriveled in the rain, and they looked SO funny!